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Mar 8, 2013 1:40am PST
. >> connie: boy, you really missed a lot when you checked out, huh? the court of law decided i'm the real deal. kate howard is a symptom of mental illness. >> kate: oh, is this the same court of law that has both you and me on record for killing starr manning's family instead of johnny? you can tell the judges anything you want. i know the truth. >> connie: what truth, kate? the truth about your childhood in conabout your made-up name? everything about you is a lie. i'm the real deal! okay. okay. let's just talk about the facts. connie falconeri was born in bensonhurst. connie falconeri fell in love with sonny. connie falconeri was raped b joe jr. and pregnant with trey. but when connie falconeri had the child, she abandoned him. something snapped. >> kate: no. that is when i made the conscious decision to become kate howard. >> connie: oh, no. that's just what you tell yourself to fill in the gaps. >> kate: you are the liar. you lie about everything, connie, and you're lying about this. >> connie: then why are you so scared? you're starting to think i'm telling the truth, ain't you? >> d
Mar 7, 2013 1:40am PST
. now we have an idiot judge. >> this is a crazy story. against the law to laugh, i guess. >> that's not nice. >>> listen to this. nobody's laughing about this. a delivery guy delivers 85 pizzas. the total bill was $1,453. how much do you think he deserves? >> as a tip? >> yeah, what do you think? >> if you have enough money to spend $1,000 on pizza, i would say $100. >> okay, he got a $10 tip. so the guy went online and he said, are you kidding me? $10 is cheap. it started a debate. >> good for him. >> it is interesting. i delivered food in college, one of the crazy jobs i had to pay my way through college. and book money and all that stuff, beer money. and 20% is a lot for delivery boy. delivery boy doesn't expect 20%, but you don't expect $10 on a bill of $1400. 50 bucks, i think, is about right. >> 50 bucks, 100 bucks. if you're going to spend $1400 on pizza, throw the guy a little bit. i was a waitress also in college. and man, oh man, i didn't live the $5 tips on $50. you want to make these kids want to do what they're doing. as opposed to going and posting your stuff on redd
Mar 6, 2013 1:40am PST
made one in flight and provoked an faa probe into whether they broke any laws. they had not, it was decided. or the australian minors who lost their six-figure incomes, fired because they did this underground with shirts off. apparently a safety code violation. it began when these guys were goofing around. a scenario then repeated in trendy office spaces and off it went. it plateaued but it did not stop. now people are doing the harlem shake, jumping out of airplanes. here's the harlem shake sexy version. and a random fat guy doing it. here's a washing machine doing it. something makes all these people move. it was true a month ago and it's still true now. >> it's easy for people to and you just act like an idiot for 30 seconds. boom, harlem shake. >> reporter: by now, videos with the term harlem shake have been viewed 700 million times. the ones that say enough with the harlem shake. but some say isn't even the authentic dance move of that name. but look, this isn't all backlash. guys posting themselves on face back, they're just not part of the elite that thinks this is in
Mar 5, 2013 1:40am PST
living facility said it was not a nursing home, which by law is not licensed to provide medical care. bayless later died at the hospital. and bakersfield pd has launched an investigation into whether there was any criminal wrongdoing. >> we have not found any signs of criminal misconduct. however, the investigation is ongoing. >> reporter: but dr. jennifer ashton says even cpr is not guaranteed to work. >> cpr, when done properly, does often result in broken ribs, so it can be very traumatic. >> reporter: dr. ashton did say roughly 3% in lorain bayless' situation would have survived. john and diana? >> i don't know how you at least as a human being give it a shot. someone is in distress, give it a shot. >> i understand they were worried about being sued, but there are laws that protect good samaritans. so even if you do something that doesn't work, there's only a 3% chance of her making it any way, even it did work. so why not give it a try? >> who stops and thinks about that? >> unless you've gone through all kinds of training and it's been hammered into your head don't touch them,
Mar 4, 2013 3:00am PST
does not happen very often. >> reporter: but this isn't the first time the law has lucked out this way. washington police nabbed alleged car thief wesley strom in 2012 after he pocket dialed 911 four times. in january, it took florida deputies ten minutes to zero in on 19-year-old matthew dollerhide after his chat about allegedly selling prescription drugs was overheard by dispatchers. >> i want one pill out of it. >> reporter: usually a butt dial gets a quick hangup, but not from a 911 operator, they keep listening. tonya rivero, abc news, new york. >> not good. >> i've always said this, they're criminals not because they're smart. >> and the moral of the story, next time you're doing a drug deal, put the phone on lock. >> and the officers could be heard, the phone call was so long that the dispatcher had a chance to hear what was going on -- >> get some doughnuts and coffee on the way over. >> oh, man. >> i just got an abc blackberry not long ago and the first manager i put in the contact i butt dialed him like five times. i had to delete him. save them. woolite everyday, cleans your
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5